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Intro to 3D printing

Introduction to 3D printing for kids (aged 9 - 16)

This online activity will show students how 3D printers work, and how they can create their own 3D objects using the free Tinkercad design tool. Currently, this is for UK customers only.

They could design a small charm or keyring, for example. We will then check their design, 3D print it and put in the post to you!

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Cubetto robot

Coding workshops for pre-schoolers (aged 3-6)

It's never too early to start developing skills in logic and maths, as well as honing the crucial speaking and listening abilities that allow your child to communicate their thoughts.

These workshops bring together a host of skills naturally, in highly enjoyable activities, and introduce coding without using a screen.

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Android app development (ages 11 - 15)

Create new apps for an Andoid phone or tablet.

Children will discover how to build their very own app on any Android device. Create exciting games or utilities that will run independently on their phone or tablet.

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Electronic circuit

Robot club (ages 10 - 14)

Learn how computers sense and control their world in this advanced workshop for more-able children aged 10 - 14.

They'll learn how to use electronic components and a micro-controller (a tiny computer) to make things happen. Then it's just up to their imagination where they go next.

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Radio-controlled car

Junior driving club (ages 10 - 14)

Remote-control cars can be fun, but we give children a chance to really put their skills to the test, and it's not just about speed.

First, they'll need to prove they have what it takes to handle the powerful cars through obstacle courses and other challenges, with calm control and a respectful attitude. If they pass the test and get their licence, they can enter races and time trials with other drivers.

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Golden ratio

Tutoring for KS2, KS3 and GCSE

We offer private tutoring in maths and physics, bringing many years' experience in teaching, as well as wide experience in the application of maths and science in research.

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Workshops for schools

Workshops for schools

We are currently developing some exciting new workshops for schools, aimed at KS2 and KS3.

These include:

  • critical thinking, using engaging and entertaining demonstrations to help children become independent thinkers
  • a novel approach to learning about enterprise, which covers a huge range of vital skills for KS2 and KS3
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Training, research and consultancy

We can offer training for individuals or groups across a range of technical domains, as well as coaching.

Particular specialisms include online safety (for schools, community groups and businesses), the use of technology in education, team-building and critical thinking, based on real research.

In addition, if you need research or survey work in a technical field, including education and psychology, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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