Android app development

Learn how to develop your own Android apps

Now children can have a go at creating their own apps on their Android phone or tablet.

Using an ingenious click-and-drag programming system, we show how easy it can be to design apps yourself, with access to nearly all of the sensors and functions that the user's device supports.


Build an app

Students will learn how to build simple apps from scratch, using an online editor created by MIT.

Once they've mastered the basics, they will be able to create new games or utilities that run independently on their own device. We will learn how to display words and images, respond to screen-touches, and read data from the device's sensors.



Pupils could experiment with programs that respond to the orientation or acceleration of the device, or could play sounds or video clips according to the user's actions.

More advanced students could even try communicating with other devices using Bluetooth!



To get the most from this workshop, each pupil will need:

  • an Android device running version 2.3 (Gingerbread) or newer
  • their Google account login details

They will need to know their Google account password so that they can log in to the online program editor. This will remain private.

Sorry - Apple devices are not compatible with this programming system.

(Children can take part without bringing a device, by saving their programs online for later, but this is not recommended.)

Key facts

Title: Android app development

Aimed at: children aged 11 - 15

Location: to be confirmed (within Ealing)

Duration: 2 hours (for best results, pupils should attend at least 3 sessions)

Cost: £25 per child per session

Group size: up to 6 children


Please contact us to book a place

Next available dates: to be confirmed


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