Junior driving club

For those who can't wait until they're 17 to take the wheel

Remote-control cars can be fun, but we give children a chance to really put their skills to the test, and it's not just about speed. First, they will need to prove they have what it takes to handle the powerful cars through obstacle courses and other challenges. If they pass the test and get their licence, they can enter races and time trials with other drivers.

Radio-controlled car inside

Control, skill, discipline

If the first thing that comes to mind when you think of radio-controlled cars is miniature vehicles tearing around a track, then think again.

The aim of this club is to develop skill and control first, with carefully-designed tests of proficiency and knowledge.

Once they've proved their mettle, and shown that they have the required discipline, children are given their own 'driving licence' to prove they have what it takes to use a car safely. Only then can they try their hand at racing one another at speed.

Car components

Knowledge and respect

As well as learning how to drive safely, accurately and with courtesy, children will learn a little about how the cars work, and what the various parts do.

The experience can help prepare young people to become responsible car owners of the future.

Key facts

Title: Junior driving club

Aimed at: children aged 9 - 14

Location: to be confirmed (within Ealing)

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: £15 per child per session

Group size: 6 children


Please contact us to find out more

Next available dates: to be confirmed


Reduced services

We have reduced the services on offer due to guidelines on social distancing.
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