Robot club

The robots are coming!

Learn how computers sense and control their world in this advanced workshop for more-able children aged 10 - 14.

Children learn how to use electronic components and a micro-controller (a tiny computer) to make things happen. Then it's just up to their imagination where they go next.

Breadboard circuit

DIY robotics

This robotics workshop is different from most: designed for more-able children, the aim is to understand how individual electronic components work, and combine them to explore and invent.

We start with the fundamentals of electrical circuits, going beyond what they will have learned in KS2. Then we introduce a range of exciting components, including numerous sensors, motors (regular and servo types), switches and sounders. This broad variety of items will spark their imagination, free of the limitations of proprietary ready-made "brick" products.

As an option, pupils can take home and keep a kit of components plus a multimeter (for taking measurements in electronic circuits). There is an additional charge for the kit.

Arduino micro-controller

The brains

To get the best out of these components, we learn about using a micro-controller to measure sensor input, and control the outputs according to a program.

The controller could be an Arduino or micro:bit, both of which have simple programming languages that will allow the children to develop their own simple systems. The use of 'raw' components allows the children to incorporate them into imaginative and creative designs of their own.

Key facts

Title: Robot club

Aimed at: more-able children aged 10-14

Location: to be confirmed (within Ealing)

Duration: 2 - 3 hours

Cost: £20 - £25 per child per session (excluding optional kit)

Group size: 5 children


Please contact us to find out more

Next available dates: to be confirmed


Reduced services

We have reduced the services on offer due to guidelines on social distancing.
Check out out our new online activity: Introduction to 3D printing
Please come back again soon for more options or contact us.

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