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A brand new teaching resource to help children learn about place-value


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This new resource for teaching place-value overcomes many of the problems with Dienes, Cuisenaire rods and other similar resources.

Neither Dienes nor Cuisenaire rods have a fixed representation of one whole. This can make it difficult for children to understand the concept of decimal fractions such as one tenth.

In contrast, this clever resource has a fixed concept of one whole: a single disc (or "pizza"). All of the other quantities are based on this. When children are introduced to decimal fractions like 0.3, they will clearly see that it is less than one whole. The shape of the fractional 'slice' will be familiar to children as a part of a whole.


What's more, all of the larger quantities (i.e. tens and hundreds) are built up in the same way, by stacking single discs on top of one another. This can help pupils develop a linear mental representation of numbers. Using Dienes can confuse students because ten small cubes may be combined end-to-end to be equivalent to one 'ten' stick, but the ten-sticks may be combined side-by-side to show equivalence with a hundred-plate. The hundred-plates are combined in yet another different way (on top of one another) to make the equivalent of a large thousand-cube. This new resource may support pupils in developing a linear representation of numbers due to the consistent way that ones are combined into tens and hundreds.

Each pack contains:

  • quick-start guide
  • hundreds counters
  • tens counters
  • ones
  • tenths
  • double-sided place-value grid
  • set of digit cards

Please note: colours may vary


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